Whatsapp Hack 4 best methods

Whatsapp Hack 4 best methods is a very hot topic these days. Many concerned parents or business owners would like to know what is going on with their children or spouse or business activities. Whatsapp is the most widely used social media platform and hacking it can be tricky. After all, whatsapp is a billion-dollar company and takes its security very seriously.

How to Hack whatsapp

Today I am going to show you several proven methods ways to hack whatsapp. Let’s dive straight into the topic.

Here are the Whatsapp Hack 4 best ways

1) Utilize a Win Mobile Spy: Use Spy Software. Win Mobile Spy is a popular choice. It is simple to use and it can both monitor your mobile phone and home pc.  The cost is very reasonable, it is only $49.95 for a year and you can monitor 5 mobile devices and 10 remote PC. You can get the software here>> Even if you don’t root the phone, you can still obtain the data from push notifications. PS see the illustration below on how to do a Whatsapp Hack using Win-Spy

Win Mobile Spy App stands as quite possibly the most favored application for hacking WhatsApp that’s preferred for its exceptional premium capabilities.

Win Mobile Spy allows you to see the many conversations that are taking place on your smartphone. With the assistance of Win Spy, it is possible to monitor every chat discussion on WhatsApp.  You can effortlessly get the names of your individuals, the duration of the chat,  acquire the date and time the chat has taken place,  obtain any audio information, photographs, or video clips by means of WhatsApp, and saved on concentrating on the cellphone. Even WhatsApp talks are uploaded on the Win Spy Server. You can use Win Spy dashboard and access these chats from anywhere in the world.

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2# Capture the WhatsApp notification Hack WhatsApp on the Mobile Phone: With Android builders, another way of spying on some mobile phones WhatsApp messages is to view notifications to the phone.  WhatsApp notification that includes WhatsApp messages. The phone do not need to be rooted for this method. Win Spy will capture notifications.

3# Hacking WhatsApp database messages from your phone.  For this to work the phone will have to be rooted. PS see how to root the phone on YouTube.  After you have rooted the phone. Search for the whatsapp database file. Look in this link on how to locate and read whatsapp database file.

Whatsapp databases name is usually: msgstore.db, and path: /details/knowledge/com.whatsapp/databases.

4# Allow WhatsApp Web on your PC:  For this to work you will need the phone on hand and unlocked.  This method will allow you to see whatsapp messages and attachments as soon typed on the phones. To use this:

On your Personal computer go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ .  A QR code will probably be shown on the Laptop.

On the TARGET PHONE – Open Whatsapp. Go to Settings.  Click on WhatsApp Web and scan the OQ code shown on the PC.  And you are instantly connected to the phone’s whatsapp app.  You will be able to see each message typed.

a. In Laptop – Go to WhatsApp Web on https://web.whatsapp.com
b. Start Target smartphone WhatsApp application
c. Click on The three dots on the major ideal corner and choose WhatsApp Web
d. Scan the QR code shown on the Laptop from the website web.whatsapp.com

Hack Whatsapp

* Observe that electronic spying is ruled by neighborhood legal guidelines. Make sure you adhere to local guidelines governing this style of activity. It is usually acceptable to spy on machines or Personal computer’s you Own. Review legislation in your town if you are thinking about spying on somebody’sSave cellphone or Computer.