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Remote install spy software monitor up 10 remote pc

Remote Install Spy Software Monitor up to 10 Remote PC.

Win Spy Software is crafted with the motive of monitoring your children’s or employees’ devices indirectly. It is the smartest smartphone monitoring software of the new age generation.

  • Install Win Spy software into your smartphone.
  • Login to your online account.
  • Your children or employees will be monitored now.
  • Get to know their truth; their whereabouts.
  • Capture any stuff through PC spy software that users watch online or types on their keyboards.

Win Spy Software is a PC surveillance software appliance that can easily check your Local PC, Remote PC, or Android from any mobile or tablet gadget.

  • Local PC Monitoring – Monitor 1 PC
  • Remote PC Monitoring – Monitor 10 Remote PC
  • Android Monitoring – Monitor 5 Mobile Devices

Excellent Offers from Win-Spy Software Pro

  • Our remote install spy software includes selective features to monitor any smartphone from anywhere in the world.
  • Various monitoring features allow you to have full control and access to a smartphone for monitoring.
  • This spy software PC application can be functioned in background mode and can be not tampered with.

Win Spy 100 Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Win Spy Software Pro w Android provides complete 100 satisfaction.
  • With this PC monitoring software, trace the whereabouts of your children if by chance they seem missing from your eyesight.
  • Also, trace where your employees are currently roaming when you’re not in your office.
  • Check your home webcam while at work.
  • When using our effective product, there’s no need to pay monthly fees.
  • The buying price of Win Spy software is $49.95 for one-time shopping.
  • Its monitoring pack comprises LocalRemote, as well as Android Monitoring.
  • Smoothly install the Win Spy app and use it at your required time.
  • This computer spy software can monitor 5 Android phones and 10 Remote PC at a price of only $49.95.
  • If not satisfied with our services, then get back your money guaranteed within 30 days.
  • For your know-how, more than 200,000 customers are fully satisfied with our PC monitor software.

The All-In-One Spy Software on Local Desktop, Remote Desktop, and Smartphones

Monitoring of Local PC:

  • Win Spy can quickly monitor 1 X Desktop.
  • Local Desktop can record each activity by the users.
  • Checks the home Desktop usage.
  • Monitors the lost/stolen Desktop tracker.
  • Make fast attempts while motion is identified.
  • Send emails of all the needed reports.

Monitoring of Remote PC:

  • The desktop spy software can check 10 X Desktop.
  • Check the Remote Desktop Webcam easily.
  • Manage the Remote Desktop.
  • Download, upload and run files quickly on the Remote Desktop.
  • Send SMS alerts leading to motion identification.

Monitoring Smartphones:

  • This spy PC software can rapidly scrutinize 2X appliances on smartphones/tablets.
  • Click real photos from a camera phone.
  • Acquire the history and current location from the GPS of the device.
  • Review the conversations of phone calls.
  • Review the call duration and messages.


The instructions below will show you how to view remote PC data. There are 3 ways to obtain data from a remote PC

1) Via Remote Viewer – In Win Spy Main App – Go to Remote Viewer.  Select the PC you want to connect to and you will be able to view the remote PC Live Desktop. You can also view all reports and download or run any files from the remote PC.  Remove User will recover your license. The license is reusable.

Remote Install Spy

2)Via your Dashboard: Login to your Dashboard. and click on View PC.  Monitor Via our Dashboard using any browser from anywhere in the world.

Remote Dashboard

3) Via your Gmail: Obtain Reports Via Gmail. win-Spy reports will be emailed to the Gmail account you specified.

Remote Install Spy Software Monitor up to 10 Remote PC.  Click here for more Info.

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spy software

Spy Software and how it is beneficial to us

Spy Software and how it is beneficial to us?

Spyware is the most commonly used spy software technology which accumulates important information about an internet user when using mobile, laptop, or desktop, with or without their awareness. Normally this kind of spyware is identified as computer monitoring software.

So the question arises, What is Spy Software? If someone is being targeted, then this software can be installed on their mobile as it gets associated with that system, mostly without the targeted person knowing about it. This spy app will then inform back which kind of websites that particular person is visiting frequently, their demographic information, their specific interests, and many more minute details. Thus all the activities are monitored or recorded by the user that have taken place on the PC or mobile.

Instead of hiding the software with another software installation, the software can be directly installed. The buyers of the software can deliberately load the spy software, or download it from a link in the email. This spy software can be arranged to give you a quick alert about the monitoring activities. It can even record each and every feature of whatever you are looking for on their mobile or computer, and this is not all informed to the third party. Only the real buyer of the software who wants to know about the spying activities will be reported.

Who utilizes the Spy Software?

The spy app is mainly utilized by parents, corporate networks, government offices, worried spouses, and educational institutions. One of the top spy software is Win-Spy i.e. software that assists numerous educational institutions, businesses, partners, and parents in a great way so that they won’t worry about their concerned persons and calm their minds.

With the software’s help, one can track all the illegal activities by chance any other outside person is abusing your target person through messages or videos, or it can be utilized as visible prevention from executing inapt activities while the software is shaped to alert the users

How Can Spy Software Help You?

Let’s get to know how the spy software will benefit you. Presented here are a few of the prospective situations that a user may plunge into.

• Employee monitoring and business management

Office bosses can pick the best spy software for monitoring their employees. Ensure that employees do not roam here and there or outside the office, and remain on their desks working sincerely. They do not waste their time or mistreat the business machines. The monitoring policies can be positioned properly in place so as to allow the employees to know that they might be watched.

• Parental control

Being a parent, you might be thinking how your children would be using the computer. With the assistance of spy software, you can throw your tensions aside. This software can monitor the number of targeted people who have logged in, the websites they have visited, the number of windows opened, chat conversations, emails, video chats, etc. You can see and be fair with your child’s using of computer in the right way. The software will also permit for filtration of contents so as to limit your children from watching inaccurate websites, videos, apps, and many more.

• Schools/Institutions

When the popular spy app is operating on schools or institutional workstations, then there are no worries about their misuse. As per the date and time whenever the activities have taken place, those can be tracked easily and thus can be prevented from any mishandling.

• Network security and asset safety

The spy app can be utilized to shield network security and protect assets appropriately. The software can caution you when the particular user transfers all the important confidential files through emails or portable drives. You can also be alerted by the spy software when any offensive person’s ill-behavior, and thus you can block them too from damaging your network or losing any assets.

• Monitoring Spouse

At times disloyalty in a relationship does creep in. If you feel your spouse is chatting with a secret admirer or any unknown person, here spy software can be the ideal solution. Their chats and emails can be tracked by you without your spouse knowing about it.

• File Backup

Your privacy can be the biggest worry; so spy software can be a great help. When you are not at your PC and still it is logged including vital documents, you can enable the spy software so that you can know afterward if anybody has operated your PC or stolen anything important. It can also be utilized for saving your files that have been lost because of a system crash, unfortunately, only if you’ve enabled the keystroke monitoring.

Hope by now you might have pretty good knowledge of spy software and its usefulness! Hence buy the exclusive spy software if you want to secretly spy on someone!

* Note that electronic spying is governed by local laws. Be sure to adhere to local laws governing this type of activity. It is generally accepted to spy on devices or PCs you OWN. Review laws in your area if you are considering spying on someone’s mobile phone or PC.

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Catch Cheating Spouse

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using Technology

In today’s technology world, it is very easy to get lured into relationships with a click of a button. This can be a very stressful event in a relationship. Your instinct may be telling you that something is not right but you have no way of confirming it or confronting the cheater. The easiest way to confirm or confront your suspicion is to use technology. Using technology is a full-fledged way to clear your doubts and give you the peace of mind you need. Looking for traits or behavior of your partner is only guesswork. And in no way give you the peace of mind you seek.

Table of Contents: 

1. Sign of a Cheating Spouse

2. How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

3. So your Spouse is Cheating. What are your options

4. Conclusion

5. Other

Sign of a Cheating Spouse

  1. Protective on their mobile phone. Always hide their phone and keep ringtones on silent. Or, keeping their phone nearby.
  2. Not Interested in Sex or Cold during Sex. Always tired or not responsive during Sex. Ironically this is where they feel you are not attractive anymore.
  3. Evasive on their whereabouts and timetable.
  4. Cold attitude toward you.  Not much conversation with you or maybe just acknowledgment that they heard you.
  5. Always out of the house or late coming home. Always making excuses that they have something to do or do not want to spend time with you.
  6. Change in their Grooming Patten.  Start buying new clothes and start building their body figure. Start using cologne or perfume.
  7. Always picking fights on the smallest issue. Or, get irritated with small issues, easily.
  8. Increases in their expenses or money spending that

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse or Get Proof

The easiest way to catch a cheating spouse spy is to use technology:

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

1. Use a Mobile Spy App.

The easiest way to catch a cheating spouse is to use the Win Mobile Spy app.  Mobile spy apps have become very sophisticated nowadays. With a mobile spy app, you can view whatever your cheating spouse does on his phone and you can even detect their whereabouts. Mobile spy apps nowadays will allow you to view text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos, Facebook, WhatsApp, and social media activity. You can even View the screen and location LIVE.

This is the cheapest means of getting definitive proof that your spouse is cheating. Win Mobile Spy by Win-Spy is our preferred choice.  It is cheap, only $49.95 a year.  You can monitor up to 10 remote PCs and 10 mobile devices for just $49.95 a year.  And, you can monitor all your mobile and desktop devices from one dashboard.  This is the cheapest way to get to the truth than hiring a private investigator.  Click Here >>> For more information

charger spy camera


2. USB Charger Spy Cam.

The next best method to determine if your girlfriend or spouse is cheating is to use a mini spy cam. In our testing, we have found the 1080 Hidden Camera Spy Security Wall Charger USB to be a good option. These devices can be purchased from eBay for roughly $50.

We liked this device because 1) acts like a charger – it can charge your phone 2) it is plugged into the wall at all times – it is not dependent on battery life. 3) you can view your surroundings anytime from anywhere in the world. – it works on wifi. The only setback on this device is that it is localized.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse TK102. png

3. Get a GPS tracker.

If you just want to listen to conversations and know your spouse’s location. The third option would be to get a GPS tracker with surroundings conversation is Vehicle GSM GPRS GPS Tracker Car Tracking Locator Device TK102B. This device is for vehicles and works on a SIM card.

It only cost $25 on eBay. However, setting up this device can be daunting.  The internal battery life is only 36 hours.  Therefore, It is recommended that this device be connected to the car’s battery.

These are the 3 best methods we have found handy in getting definitive proof of a cheating spouse. In our opinion. it is better to extend some resources to purchase this device to get the peace of mind you deserve.

So your Spouse is Cheating. What are your options?

  1. Divorce. If this is the option then I suggest you read our article here: Husband wants a divorce what do you do? 5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce.
  2. Stay with him. Talk to your spouse and find out why they cheated. Although the way I see it.  If the spouse has a problem they could have talked to you earlier before they cheated.  This proves dishonesty.  So could be a waste of time. Just depends on how remorseful they are. You have to be the Judge.
  3. Compromise – don’t care what they do and move on. This can be literally deadly to you mentally.


Finding out your spouse is cheating can be devastating for anyone. Sorry to be so insensitive.  The key is how you are going to deal with it. There could be 1000 factors in your decision.

Do you love her?  Do you have kids, finances,  or, why did you get married in the first place?  And much more reasons, to phantom, that cannot be concluded here.  So what will you do?

1. 8 clever ways that tech can reveal a cheating spouse
2. How to Catch a Cheater: 16 Ways to Spy on a Cheating Spouse
3. Husband wants a divorce what do you do
4. 5 Ways to Financially prepare for a Divorce


How to Pick the Best Mobile Spy App Technology that suits you to catch a cheating spouse.

Many spy apps are unique and designed to meet specific needs. The type of spy app you install depends on your intended use. Keeping track of kids is very different than, keeping tabs on a cheating spouse. In the case of a cheating spouse. It would depend on how much proof you need. And what do you intend to use the proof for? It could be that you just need to know and confront them or you need the info for court proceedings. And, it also depends on your budget.

We have done extensive research for you on mobile spy apps and have summarized the findings for you.

Win Mobile Spy Premium Paid Cell Phone Spy App that costs $49. The app comes with PC and Mobile monitoring. This is a full-featured, mobile spy app, that can be used on a variety of devices. With this app, you can spy on your PC or Laptop and get the information reported to you. If you are on a budget this will be the app for you.

Be sure to adhere to local laws governing these types of activities. Review laws in your area if you are considering spying on someone’s mobile phone or PC.

You can find more on the developer’s site. [ Win Mobile Spy]

*  Be sure to adhere to local laws governing these types of activities.  Review laws in your area if you are considering spying on someone’s mobile phone or PC.

We hope this article on how to catch a cheating spouse has enlightened you.   Any Questions Email or Chat with us at the Contact form.

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