Remote Install Spyware

Remote Install Spyware

Remote Install Spyware – Monitor up 10 Remote PC.

Win Spy Software is crafted with the motive of monitoring your children or employees’ devices indirectly. It is the smartest smartphone monitoring software of the new age generation.

  • Install Win Spy software into your smartphone.
  • Log in to your online account.
  • Your children or employees will be monitored now.
  • Get to know their truth; their whereabouts.
  • Capture any stuff through PC spy software that users watch online or type on their keyboards.

Win Spy Remote Install Spyware is a PC surveillance software appliance that can easily check your Local PC, Remote PC, or Android from any mobile or tablet gadget.

  • Local PC Monitoring – Monitor 1 PC
  • Remote PC Monitoring – Monitor 10 Remote PC
  • Android Monitoring – Monitor 5 Mobile Devices

Excellent Offers from Win-Spy Software Pro

  • Our remote install spy software includes selective features to monitor any smartphone from anywhere in the world.
  • Various monitoring features allow you to have full control and access to a smartphone for monitoring.
  • This spy software PC application can be functioned in background mode and can be not tampered with.

Win Spy 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Win Spy Software Pro w Android provides complete 100 satisfaction.
  • With this PC monitoring software, trace the whereabouts of your children if by chance they seem missing from your eyesight.
  • Also, trace where your employees are currently roaming when you’re not in your office.
  • Check your home webcam while at work.
  • When using our effective product, there’s no need to pay monthly fees.
  • The buying price of Win Spy software is $49.95 for one-time shopping.
  • Its monitoring pack comprises LocalRemote, as well as Android Monitoring.
  • Smoothly install Win Spy app and use it at your required time.
  • This computer spy software can monitor 5 Android phones and 10 Remote PC at a price of only $49.95.
  • If not satisfied with our services, then get back your money guaranteed within 30 days.
  • For your know-how, more than 300,000 customers are fully satisfied with our PC monitor software.

The All-In-One Spy PC Software on Local PCs, Remote PCs, and Smartphones

Monitoring of Local PC:

  • Win Spy can quickly monitor 1 X PC.
  • Local PC can record each activity by the users.
  • Checks the home PC usage.
  • Monitors the lost/stolen PC tracker.
  • Make fast attempts while motion is identified.
  • Send emails of all the needed reports.

Monitoring of Remote PC:

  • The desktop spy software can check 10 X PC.
  • Check the Remote PC Webcam easily.
  • Manage the Remote PC.
  • Download, upload, and run files quickly on the Remote PC.
  • Send SMS alerts leading to motion identification.

Monitoring Smartphones:

  • This spy PC software can rapidly scrutinize 2X appliances on smartphones/tablets.
  • Click real photos from a camera phone.
  • Acquire the history and current location from the GPS of the device.
  • Review the conversations of phone calls.
  • Review the call duration and messages.


The instructions below will show you how to view remote PC data. There are 3 ways to obtain data from a remote PC

1) Via Remote Viewer – In Win Spy Main App – Go to Remote Viewer.  Select the PC you want to connect to and you will be able to view the Remote PC Live Desktop. You can also view all reports and download or run any files from the remote PC.  Remove User will recover your license. The license is reusable.

Remote Install Spy

2)Via your Dashboard: Login to your Dashboard. and click on View PC.  Monitor Via our Dashboard using any browser from anywhere in the world.

Remote Dashboard

3) Via your Gmail: Obtain Reports Via Gmail. win-Spy reports will be emailed to the gmail account you specified.

Remote Install Spyware to Monitor up 10 Remote PC.  Click here for more Info.

This article is for educational or informational purposes only.   Only install monitoring software on your PC or  Mobile you own. PS check with local and state laws.

Any Questions Email or Chat with us.


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  1. Alen
    Alen says:

    Fantastic writeup. Love the article. After trying multiple apps and methods on getting my husband’s whereabouts and what he does on his phone, I was lucky to stumble on a website where a lady’s article was just how I could get into my husband’s phone without him knowing nor having physical access to it.

  2. Joseph Price
    Joseph Price says:

    A friend told me she saw my boyfriend with some other chic at a concert &even showed me picture of both of them holding hands. I confronted him &he initially denied but after showing him the picture, he owned up &said it was a co-worker &that they only went to the concert &that was it. I didn’t believe him so I decided to probe further.

  3. Jenifer
    Jenifer says:

    I am a mom and these days this can be an important responsibility. The good part is that now you can use software to check on your child just to be sure he is ok. With Spy Phone App with have a lot of features like even tracking social media messages without root. I would recommend the Android phone because it is a lot easier to have access to all kinds of activities.

  4. David Wilkerson
    David Wilkerson says:

    Good and not an expensive alternative for other better known applications used for monitoring a cell phone. Spy phone app was good for me. Their support team is also ok. They even transferred a license from a phone I wasn’t using anymore. License was reusable.

  5. Tony Nelson
    Tony Nelson says:

    I have been utilizing this application for a couple of months. The application was incredible when I began utilizing it however what’s much more prominent is that the application is refreshed a great deal. In their most recent update you can follow sent whatsapp messages without root. I figure they might be the main ones available that can do this at the present time. Much appreciated

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