Remote Install JPG Remote Install JPG

Remote Install JPG Instructions to monitor remote pc.

1) Remote Folder called MYPic has been created on your Desktop.
2) Please zip this folder and send it to remote PC you own. We suggest using WinZip free.
3) Remote user will have to extract the folder and run the jpg file in it.

How to send remote file

Send file to PC you want to Monitor Via:
1) File Sharing Website such as
2) USB Drive
3) CD Disk
4) Or any legal means.

Send One file to One PC. Recreate new file monitor another PC.
License is reusable – you can delete license from one Pc and reuse it on another.
Note most email systems will block exe file. Best to zip the file and send it.
Or rename file extension and send it. Or send remote user via file sharing sites.

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