remote employee monitoring

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote Employee Monitoring

Remote employee monitoring has become a very important tool lately.  Initially, we were pushed into working remotely with the emergence of AI. Lately, with the emergence of COVID-19. The number of employees working remotely has just skyrocketed. Now more employees than ever are working remotely.

In the meantime, employers are desperately looking for tools to monitor their employees remotely. Employers are scurrying to know:

  1. If their remote employee is actually producing for the company and worth the investment.
  2. If their remote employees are not moonlighting with the company’s competitors.
  3. Leaking company’s confidential information.

The big challenge for employers now would be to assess if their employees are working or doing their assigned tasks. Or if the company is spending money frivolously.

There are many apps in the market that will allow for remote employee monitoring. However, our focus is on Win Spy Remote Employee Monitoring.

We focus on Win Spy remote employee monitoring for several reasons. We will examine the Benefits of using Win Spy Remote to monitor remote employees and to help employers make a better decision on which remote monitoring software to use.

1) Affordability/Price – Win Spy Remote will allow you to monitor 10 remote PCs and 5 mobile devices for only $49.95 for one year.  You will not find anything cheaper in the market.

2) Functionality – You can view the Remote PC in Rea-lime or via our Dashboard from anywhere in the World.

3) Get productivity info fast – You get accurate reporting to make a quick decision as to whether the remote worker is producing your tasks. Our system will give employees a quick overview to make a decision.

Win Spy Provides many superior benefits to monitor remote employees. Below is the functional reporting Win Spy will create for employers to make access meant for your remote employees.


Remote Employee Monitoring – Reporting

  1. View if the Remote Worker is Online
  2. Live Remote Desktop
  3. Upload / Download Files from Remote PC
  4. Run commands in the Remote PC
  5. View Remote PC webcam (when motion detected)
  6. Reports – Screen Shots of Remote PC by Time
  7. Reports – Apps Installed on Remote PC
  8. Reports – Apps Installed Count by day
  9. Reports – Key log of words typed
  10. Reports – PC Location, Serial, and DNS info.
  11. Reports – PS Usage and Activity time.
  12. Reports – Website Visited Detail
  13. Reports – Website Visited by Domain
  14. Reports – Software usage by Time and Date

In addition, you can monitor any remote PC and mobile device from one Dashboard. All in one package to help your business grow. Our software does not need firewall configuration. It works just the same as TeamViewer. You can view the remote employee desktop live. Or in archive mode from our dashboard. The remote employee will not be able to tamper with the data since all data is sent to a server. For your latter analysis.

We personally use our own software on workers we hire from the Philippines and India. Our employment agreement requires that our remote staff install our software for monitoring purposes. This is the only way we can access if our remote employees are working for us. We have in the past found our workers doing multiple jobs for various companies while working for us. And of course, we took measures to remedy the situation in a timely manner.

How To View Remote Employee Data?

1) Real-Time


2) Via Dashboard

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This tool will help you keep an eye on your company’s productivity.  Win Spy monitoring costs $49.95 for one year and you can monitor 10 remote PCs anywhere in the world.

With Win Spy Monitoring you can monitor any remote employee from anywhere in the world. Screenshots of what the employee has been doing all day will be saved on our server. With this information, you will be able to see what your employees have been doing all day. In addition, Win Spy Monitoring also comes with the functions below.

  • Live Desktop Monitoring
  • Key Pressed Monitoring
  • Screen Shots
  • Upload / Download any file from the employee’s PC.
  • View Websites visited during work hours
  • View PC Idle time
  • When the employee is online