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Mobile Spy App Review by an Expert

Mobile Spy App Review by an Expert

In picking a good mobile spy software you need to research on features below:

1) Stealth
2) Resource it takes
4) Practicality/Functions
5) Price
6) Additional

Today there are many Spy Apps in the Market. That boast a variety of functions and claims.
We decided to put these Spy Apps to the TEST.  This test is done for consumers to make it make a better informed  decision when making a purchase.

Below is our Top Pick.


  • Other Significant Benefits
  • 10X Remote PC Installations – monitor up to 10 remote PC – license is reusable
  • 5X Android Cell Installations – monitor up to 5 mobile devices – license is reusable
  • 1X Local PC Installations
  • One Time Charge.
  • 1 Year Free Upgrade for Win-Spy
  • 1 Year Mobile Monitoring Service.  Great Value for only $4 a month
  • Immediate Download – Get up and running Fast – in less then 5 minutes.
  • Only $49.95 Year.
  • Setup in 5 minutes.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Technical support provided free for one year.  Includes chat support.
  • Excellent product quality.
  • Purchased pack offered with instructions inside on how to use PC monitoring software.
  • Premium version that will monitor your Remote PC and Cell Phone


Mobile Spy App Review by an Expert

Win Mobile Spy Software.

Stealth – very stealthy – does not show on the dashboard.

Resource – barely takes any resources phone it takes. Phone battery last a long time.

Practicality/Functions – it has all necessary functions to do Spying activity. Does not have silly functions such as Calendars , file usage, file downloads, mouse clicks or event time line. Remember the more functions it has – the more battery resource it would take. And the phone user would be come suspicious and start removing un-needed apps.

Price ($49.95 a Year or $4 a month) – Very reasonably priced product. At this price you get to monitor 2 mobile phones and 10 remote PC.

Additional – Win Mobile Spy comes with PC spy with Remote Install and Remote PC Monitoring. You can monitor both your mobile phone and any PC using the dashboard. It is very to use and deploy.

To us this was the best value Mobile Spy Software. No other vendor came close to this product Functionality or Price.

Mobile Spy App Review by an Expert – Beware Points:

Some product we tested – Vendors claimed their Mobile App was able to do a remote install. This is total Nonsense. This is not possible for reasons below.

1) Google play store will ask to allow to Enable unknown sources before downloading. Since this is a Spy Software, Google will not issue a certificate for this app.

2) You will have to – Disable Package Verifier on Play Store. Play Store regularly scans the phone to see if any app that is not from Play Store is installed on the phone.

3) When running the install you will have to Allow for Permissions for the app to access the phone.

4) Allow for Background Data Usage – this will allow the app to run when the phone sleeps.

5) You will have to Make application Trusted. Protecting application this is done in the battery settings. Example – Open « Settings » => « Device maintenance » => « Battery » In the Un-monitored apps Section (bottom) Click on « Un-monitored apps » Click on « Add apps » Select « Google Play Updater.

So you see remote install is not possible, unless you are Google.

Some vendors claim that the phone do not need rooting. This is NOT true. For most functions to work – the phone do not need rooting. But for certain functions to work such as whatsapp. The phone needs rooting. There is not way around this.  See their FAQ Section clearly.

We hope this article on Mobile Spy App Review by an Expert has enlightened you.   Any Questions Email or Chat with us at Contact form.

Purpose of this article Mobile Spy App Review by an Expert is for consumers to make it make a better informed  decision when making a purchase.