Facebook account hack 2022 #1 fb hack app using 2 proven methods.

Facebook account hack 2021 #1 fb hack app using 2 proven methods

There are many reasons why someone would want to hack Facebook. Perhaps they would like to recover an old account or gain access to another account. Whatever the reason may be, it is beyond the scope of this post. This method will also Hack Gmail

The bottom line is Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company, and hacking its website is no easy task.  Facebook has the resources to secure accounts and cover ever old loophole shown on youtube. So you got to get the latest tool and knowledge to achieve this task.

They are many so-called hackers on the world wide web, who claim that will be able to do this for a fee. Their catch is you pay them a fee first and they will hack any account you want. So what we did was, we offered prize money of $350 who anyone who could hack my own account. And read a specific message from my Facebook account.

We offered this challenge to about 200 hackers. And no one could do it. They all wanted upfront money. If they could genuinely do it $350 was theirs for the taking. Guess none of them were genuinely scammers.

Today I am going to show how to hack a Facebook account using 2 proven methods

I am going to show a Tool called Win-Spy and how to use it to hack Facebook usernames and Passwords. It will also hack the Gmail username and password.

Win-Spy comes with 2 tools to hack Facebook account passwords. We will explain more below. One is a Keylogger and the other is a Tool to extract all stored usernames and passwords from your Browser.

1) Using a Keylogger to hack Facebook:

Win-Spy keylogger is a very power full tool. It will capture anything the user types on the keyboard. It will capture any character and store in a file by date/time/ and pc username.  This file can be viewed from our dashboard. Or, it can be emailed to you at any Zoho mail address you choose. You can also view. You can use this for a Facebook account hack.
this file in real time. Screen Shot below.

2) Browser Password Extractor. Hack Facebook via Chrome Stored Passwords :

This tool in Win-Spy will extract all stored usernames and passwords from any browser. It is very straightforward. And if by chance you do not see a Facebook Username and Password. You can probably guess it by viewing their other usernames/password from other accounts.

Most people do not like remembering tons of usernames and passwords. And, they will probably use the same username and passwords for other accounts too. This is a useful tool for doing a Facebook account hack. Below is a screenshot.

Win-Spy is the only App in the market that has 2 Tools built in to extract Facebook Usernames and Passwords. No other app in the market can have both these features in one app.

Other Benefits of using Win-Spy

Get Username and Password for form Any Remote PC.

Win Spy Facebook hacker tool can be remotely installed on any Remote PC in the world to gain access to usernames and passwords. You do this by means of creating a remote file and sending it to the PC you want to get the info from.

The remote file can be of the following format: exe, jpg, pdf, combine. When the remote user runs the file you will have instant access to that PC.

You can view remote PC Data in real-time. Or by accessing our Online Dashboard. It can be emailed to you.


pc spy remote login


View Remote PC Dashboard

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Additional Win Spy Benefit – Mobile Spy

With Win-Spy you can monitor any mobile phone or device too.  Screen Shot Below:

Best Remote Keylogger with 10 Remote License

I hope you found this article on Facebook account hack 2022 #1 fb hack Facebook app using 2 proven methods.

useful.  Note: This Article is for educational purposes only.

PS See Instructions on How to Monitor Remote PC and Hack Facebook Here. 

View Video Here.