Apple is trying to Share – Apple iOS 15.1 Review.

Apple iOS 15.1 Review

For those who were waiting, Apple’s iOS 15.1 is finally here. And, it has brought along many new additions when compared to the iOS 14 offered to you. The iOS 15.1 also brings in a new experience with the already existing features. It has also introduced many privacy features, app icons, and widgets among other things. You can get the iOS 15.1 on any iOS 14 compatible devices right now. But, before that, you might want to take a look at what it offers you. And, we can help you with that.

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iOS 15.1 Features: What is New?

iOS 15.1 brings certain features that many iPhone users might have been waiting for. Apart from that, it has also made certain changes to the features that are already present in the earlier system versions. Here are some of the significant ones that are worth mentioning among them:

1.   SharePlay

The SharePlay feature was supposed to be introduced in the earlier iOS models. But, it got delayed due to various reasons and is finally here with the iOS 15.1. It was probably one of the most awaited features on the iPhone. In case you are wondering, the SharePlay feature lets you play media during FaceTime calls. So, you can now enjoy songs, movies and shows over FaceTime pretty much without any lags.

Not only that, but you can also view apps during video calls with the SharePlay feature. Many third-party apps have committed to integrating with SharePlay. This is undoubtedly among the most significant features introduced by iOS 15.1. And, it extends to iPad, Mac, and Apple TV as well.

2.   Redesigned Notifications

The iOS 15.1 brings more personalised notifications to enhance your iPhone experience. It analyses your interaction with apps and assigns them priorities accordingly. Then, it delivers the most important notifications at the top and the others below that. Moreover, it also gathers all non-urgent notifications and delivers them at an appropriate time.

The notifications will now also use larger app icons as compared to the previous iOS versions. Moreover, it would also show contact photos, if you use any, for easier identification.

3.   Focus

You might often want to avoid distractions while performing certain tasks on your iPhone. iOS 15.1 comes with a new feature called Focus that allows you to do that. This feature filters home screen pages and notifications based on the features you want to focus on.

So, all notifications other than the ones you want would be blocked in Focus mode. Moreover, the people trying to reach you would get messages that you are unavailable currently. But, they can still reach you if it is urgent.

How do you decide which features to focus on? If you are wondering, you can leave that up to the device’s intelligence. You can also customise the feature to add apps and home pages if required.

Moreover, you can customise the auto-replies your device must send while using Focus. This feature also comes with four modes: ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Work’, ‘Sleep’, and ‘Personal’.

4.   FaceTime

The FaceTime app has undergone significant changes in iOS 15.1. As mentioned before, the SharedPlay feature is the most prominent one among them. However, it is not the only one you can look forward to. Facetime offers you a better video calling experience in iOS 15.1 with the Spatial Audio feature. This feature makes callers’ voice feel like it is coming from where the person is located on the screen. Moreover, you can also expect improved voice clarity with Voice Isolation.

Do you prefer keeping the background noise in your video calls? Then, you can simply switch to the Wide Spectrum audio feature for that. You can also use Portrait Mode for video calls, which will focus on the subject and blur the background. The iOS 15.1 also uses a grid view on FaceTime to let you view the caller details. So, you would not have to foreground the Speaker anymore.

5.   Cameras

You can now record videos in ProRes format with your iPhone cameras. As you might know, this is a great option for professional video editing purposes. It offers a high range of flexibility during editing tasks. So, most users with professional video editing requirements would find this a welcome feature. Other than that, it may not carry significance for other users.

You can enable ProRes recording from the Formats section in your iPhone’s camera. After that, you can switch to the ProRes format from the top-left corner in the Camera app. iOS 15.1 also lets you toggle the Auto Macro feature on or off. This resolves the issue that many users face due to the automatic enabling of Macro.

6.   Photos

Among other things, iOS 15.1 also introduces several changes related to Photos. And, that includes the Visual Lookup with which you can search for your image on the internet. It can be quite useful in identifying people and places. However, you can also simply use the Google Lens for that purpose on your iPhone.

The Live Text is another great new feature that can be quite useful. It pulls texts from photos and lets you copy them for various purposes. You can share these texts with someone through emails or search them on the web. Moreover, you do not have to open the Photos app to browse through it. All you need to do is enter a word related to the image in Spotlight.

Are you using photos of people in your contacts? Then, you can bring up their images that are saved on your phone by typing their names. Most users would probably like this cool new feature introduced by iOS 15.1.

Other Distinct Features

The iOS 15.1 brings a smarter system to your iPhone than all previous major updates. Maps now allow you to use an interactive globe view. Apart from that, the details in the 3D view have been enhanced. Not only that, but you also get a 3D driving experience with your Maps in iOS 15.1. Apart from the iPhone, this feature is now available on Apple CarPlay.

Apple Wallet can now include keys for your home, office, and even hotel rooms. The address bar in Safari is located at the bottom of the screen in iOS 15.1. And, that surely makes it more reachable for your fingers in the larger iPhone models. You also get a completely redesigned Weather app in this iOS version.

Should You Get iOS 15.1?

All iOS updates come with fixes for various bugs on your iPhone. Apart from that, you might also want to install them for new security features. However, you need not necessarily update to iOS 15.1 if you use the latest iOS 14. You can get a security update for iOS 14 if you continue using it.

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