5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce

5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce

5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce in Infidelity

According to USA Divorce Rate Statistics, 20% of marriages end in the first 5 years. Additionally, 32% end in the first 10 years, and 48% of spouses who married before the age of 18 are likely to divorce within 10 years. Furthermore, 25% of spouses over 25 years of age get divorced within 10 years.

It’s evident that, in most cases, divorce leaves both couples financially broke and burdened. The underlying issue here is that both couples were unprepared for divorce and hadn’t done their financial preparation work beforehand.

Now, let’s delve into the topic of 5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce.


1) First and foremost

Get solid evidence of infidelity that led to the divorce. Notably, evidence is of utmost importance when preparing for a divorce case. In fact, it can be your ACE card in court or when dealing with the cheating spouse, particularly in matters involving financial assets. Be patient and diligent in doing your homework. In most cases, if you sense something is amiss, there may indeed be a cheating spouse.

Divorce Evidence

The first crucial step is to gather proof of cheating and infidelity in a divorce.

Consider using Spy Software. You can acquire an app called WinSpyMobile from www.winspymobile.com. This could be your best initial option, primarily because it only costs $49 a year. With it, you can monitor both the cell/mobile phone and the remote desktop. Notably, you can monitor up to 10 remote desktops and 5 mobile phones for just $49 a year. In essence, this is the most cost-effective choice for gathering evidence of a cheating spouse’s infidelity.

Win Spy Mobile is equipped with a Keylogger and Chrome Password Extractor. The Chrome Password Extractor is designed to extract all stored usernames and passwords from the Chrome browser. This tool empowers you to access ALL your cheating spouse’s emails, website accounts, chats, and more. In fact, this tool alone provides you with ample access to all the evidence you need regarding a cheating spouse. For a glimpse of what this tool can do, you can view a sample report of the Password Extractor here – Click Here.

When compared to hiring a private investigator, this option is significantly more cost-effective.

Stealth Mobile Spy and PC Spy Software by Win-Spy

Private investigator: Get a private investigator or do it yourself. You could easily follow your cheating spouse via GPS live location and take pictures and gather evidence of Infidelity. However, Private Investigators can be Costly. And not worth the money if you only have a hunch about your cheating spouse’s Infidelity.

This amount could run to thousands of dollars and may not be financially sound based on a hunch. Moreover, this method is only practical if your hunch was proven right or after reviewing your spouse’s mobile data or PC data using the spy app.

2) What is Contested and Uncontested Divorce

When it comes to divorce, it’s crucial to understand the key distinctions between uncontested and contested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the parties find common ground and agree on all the major issues of the case. On the other hand, in a contested divorce, the parties are at odds and cannot reach a consensus on major issues, leading them to rely on the court to determine the outcome of the case.

In any case, whether you’re dealing with an uncontested or contested divorce, if you possess substantial evidence of your spouse’s infidelity, it can significantly impact the proceedings. It becomes immaterial whether it’s an uncontested or contested divorce; your cheating spouse will either have to come to terms with your financial conditions or leave it to the courts to decide.

However, if you can substantiate the claims of infidelity on your spouse’s part, the court is likely to lean in your favor when determining the terms of the divorce. In cases involving infidelity, it’s worth noting that courts typically show favoritism toward the person who was cheated on.

Child Custody: The presence of solid evidence can be a game-changer when it comes to securing child custody. This is especially important if you have children involved in the divorce proceedings. With substantial evidence, you can easily make a case for obtaining child custody. Furthermore:

a) You can swiftly claim Child Support.

b) You have the opportunity to claim your children as dependents on your Income Tax statement, resulting in a larger refund check.

child-support divorce

Property: When it comes to the division of jointly held property, having solid evidence can play a pivotal role in securing a favorable outcome. Whether it’s your home or your car, navigating this aspect of divorce can be challenging, and the stakes are high.

Finding a new place and managing rental expenses as a divorcee is no easy task, particularly in today’s real estate market. Therefore, it’s essential to gather the necessary evidence to protect your interests and secure a positive outcome in the division of property

Dividing properties after divorce

3) Spouse Bank Records:

When dealing with a divorce, one aspect that holds immense significance is keeping a record of your spouse’s financial and bank records. The importance of this step cannot be overstated.

By maintaining records of your spouse’s financial transactions, you gain insight into what they are spending on their infidelity, including expenses related to hotels, rooms, trips, and dining. This documentation can serve as concrete evidence and bolster your case when it comes to the financial settlement.

You can argue that what you are currently receiving is considerably less than what your spouse was disbursing for the affair. This detailed financial documentation is a key factor in securing a more equitable financial outcome during the divorce proceedings.

Bank Records

4) Open Your Own Bank Account:

In preparation for potential changes during a divorce, it’s advisable to open a new bank account. By doing so, you can gain financial independence and security. Moreover, don’t forget to obtain your own credit cards.

You want to avoid being taken by shock when your spouse moves out and leaves you out to dry. To prevent financial surprises and ensure you have a financial safety net, consider moving some money into your bank account via cash for a rainy day.

5) Record your Emotional Distress and Consider Legal Action: 

It’s essential to document your emotional distress during the process of a divorce caused by infidelity. You may even consider taking legal action against both parties involved.

Different states have different laws governing these situations, but in general, you have the option to sue the parties responsible for the infidelity that led to your divorce.

This is where the importance of the spouse’s bank statement comes into play. It can serve as crucial evidence to substantiate your emotional distress and build a strong case.

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Divorce from Infidelity is a very painful thing to go through. Your trust is destroyed, your heart is cracked and you feel abandoned by the very person who said: “I DO”. While it is a very bad thing. Sometimes it could be better to work things out with your spouse. Knowing the truth beforehand might be better before things go out of hand. It could also save your marriage.

Disclaimer: I am not a litigator of any kind. I hope our post on 5 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Divorce in Infidelity has enlightened you. But, PS Install this app on networks or devices you own. Please check your local laws when installing a monitoring app on your devices.