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3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce

3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce

Divorce is a norm these days. The USA divorce rate is approximately 50%. Therefore the chances of divorce when you say “I DO” is approximately 50%. So the chances of you losing your wealth or lowered income is approximately 50% too.

Therefore it is only smart and cheap planning to secure yourself when you suspect the marriage is going the wrong way.

Signs that your marriage is heading the wrong way can include.

1. Cannot reach my spouse during periods. This is where the phone may be not reachable.
2. Improved appearance. Signs of trouble could also include. If your spouse suddenly decided to dress or look better or usage of makeup or perfume
3. Cold marriage. There is less communication between you and your partner could be an array sign too.
4 Less sex or faked sex. Sometimes in marriage sex becomes redundant and if your spouse has found another partner. Sex with their spouse can seem like a chore.
5. Every small issue becomes an argument. In this scenario, every small dissatisfaction with your partner can result and an argument. An argument for no reason can only mean that your spouse no longer love you and want out of the marriage.
6. Working late or altered schedule. This could be a sign that your spouse is up to no good. It is best to find out the reason behind it before it is too late.
7. Finding Faults in family or friends or your behavior. ‭If your spouse suddenly comes up with stories in the past could possibly mean he is fed up with the marriage.
8. Addressed expenses or expenses not justified. Having a fling is no cheap affair. As the old aged saying – follow the money.
9. Carry phone everywhere they go. This is a no-brainer that your spouse has something to hide from you.
10. Secretive phone or computer use. Another important sign that your spouse is up to no good is, Spouse will enable lock screen on phone and enable tight security. And use personalized users for the PC. Those other users cannot access it.

The bottom line is you are the spouse and the best judge of the spouse’s behavior patens.

Being naive and choosing to ignore facts can cost you greatly. Again the old aged saying. When you smell their rat, there probably is one. It is a lot cheaper to spend $50 now and find out odd behaviors in your spouse, than to learn it the hard costly way by losing your children, house, cars, alimony, or support payments.

Our Topic is the 3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce. The best way to do that is to Get Proof that your spouse is cheating. 

The 3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce and to Prove that your spouse is cheating is to use technology.

The 3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce are:

1) Use Win Mobile and PC Spy. The use of Win Mobile Spy or PC Spy is an excellent choice.  It is the ONLY All in 1 monitoring software with Mobile Spy and PC Spy Software in the market.  It will monitor your Mobile Phone and Your Desktop. It will monitor your Local PC, Remote PC, and Mobile phone. All for only $49.95 a Year. It is a much cheaper choice than losing a $300k house.

Spy Phone App


2) Car Tracker. TK104 is our choice. This tracker could be a backup to Win Mobile Spy.  This unit has to be hardwired into the automobile and it will inform you of the car’s location and record surround recording. The setback on this device is you will have to wire it to the car’s battery, so it does not go dead on you and the cost is approximately $100.

Tk104 Tracker 3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce

3) USB wall charger. Our choice is HD 1080P Wall Charger Spy Hidden Camera Mini Motion USB Power. This unit works like a charger, however, it has a hidden camera with a voice built-in. This can be useful if your spouse displays abusive behavior.  This unit can work in combination with Win Mobile Spy too. The cost is approximately $50.

Wall Charger 3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce

Alternatively using a private investigator can be a good way. But the cost to hire an investigator is very heavy and not meant for many people.

Proving that your spouse cheated in court is by no means going to win in a court case. Every state in the United States offers some form of a “no-fault divorce,” which allows you to cite a version of “irreconcilable differences,” as your reason for divorce. As such, your spouse cannot be penalized by a judge for cheating in most circumstances. Though the judge may feel sympathetic toward your favor, and offer you a better settlement. On the children, house, cars, alimony, or support payments on your spouse’s investment portfolio while you’re at it.

I hope you found our article “3 Best Ways How to Secure Property in a Divorce” useful. If you have any concerns or questions. Please feel free to contact us on our contact page. Note: In order to for the courts to accept your evidence. Please apply these methods on devices you own or networks you own. In most cases, mobile phones, cars, and the house will be joint assets and hence belongs to you too.